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Raymond Revel

Mxing Engineer Raymond Revel

Hello, I'm Raymond Revel. Im a professional composer, producer and mixing engineer with 20 years of experience producing professional tracks for major labels and global brands such as Sony, Phillips, BMW and Warner.

What I bring to the table as your mixing enineer is uncomprimising mxing and mastering engineering skills enhanced with my extensive experience as a composer and producer for film and television advertising -- which together will color your tracks with an indelible musical edge and professional sheen sure to make your tracks shine and make you stand out as an artist.

The Process

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Mixing and Mastering Engineering is not a mechanical process -- It's a critical, creative and organic process just as much as the composition process. It's an artistic collaboration. I'm hear to make you shine! So we start with a free consultation to better understand your artistic vision, your work and your audience. Based on this we can better plan and prepare for how to approach your mixes and masters for professional results catered to you.


Mixing is a critical aspect of your musical success. The mixing process can truly either ruin OR bring out the warmth and essence of your music. Knowing your vision and audience helps set the guidlines as to the type of mix you'll need in your musical arena. For example, an Electronic Dance track will have to be mixed with a different set of tools and psycho acoustic guidlines than a Rock, Hip Hop, and or Folk track -- makes sense. So, each track in the mix will need it's own set of tools and settings (compressors, equalisers, pre-ammps, etc). So this process takes time -- as a great mix does.


The MASTERING process of course is a also critical process in multiple levels:

First it's a critical part of really adding that final touch of sheen to your track. Next, proper mastering will provide the added bit of quality assurance to make sure your track sounds right across different mediums such as ear buds, your car, down to Spotify and iTunes.

But something not everyone talks about is the creative mark the mastering process leaves on your music -- my approach is a simultaneous MIX and MASTER process which provides for a seamless implementation of your artistic and sonic vision.

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