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Raymond Revel's clients and production credits as a producer and mixing mastering engineer range from Sony and Warner Brothers to BMW and movie trailers such as Rambo and Inglorious Bastards among others. As your Mixing Mastering Engineer Raymond Revel brings a unique professional experience from the demanding film industry that will give your music a unique professional sheen and cutting edge presence to make YOU stand out above the rest!

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“Raymond's tracks always meet the highest standards from the standpoint of a creative edge and as a mixing engineer. His his tracks in his music library with us are licensed by global brands such as Pillips and BMW and Sony among others.”
Ida A. Wakefield - Warner Chappell
"Raymond always brings a unique creative and sonic professionalism that has gotten his tracks to get licensed for big trailers such as Rambo and Inglorious bastards.”
Dain - Groove Addicts Music
"Raymond was a joy to work with on custom score for our BMW X5 tv ad. His work stood above the rest becuase he surpassed the demanding technical and creative requirements of a global brand.”
David Storm - BMW
“Man .. I've known Raymond for two decades now, he has proven himself as a dependable professional friend and a force as a top producer and mixing engineer.”
Jarod Mix - GodMade Inc

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